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Circle Seven Five

Circle Seven Five

We're a social club + concierge just for millennial women.

Based in Dallas, Texas.
Join hundreds of other women in our vibrant community.

Be you. Do Dallas. Join our tribe.

(we dare ya).

? & A with Cassidy

(OG CSF Girl & Founder)

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What is Circle Seven Five (CSF)?

Circle Seven Five is a movement. We plan and create experiences with you and for you, to help empower and nourish YOU, connect you with community, and celebrate living in DFW. We believe in more magical moments, pressing ‘

’ on the go-go-go of life, and prioritizing play, SO we can be our *best* selves and do our best work.

We help create space in overscheduled lives to just BE. We give you the tools and show you how to choose rest and space vs. overwhelm.

Choosing yourself is intentional and requires effort so we provide two levels of help:

  1. CSF events
  2. Community + Experiences = Magic

  3. Offers (aka happies)
  4. Let us give you all the tools and the recipe to do it yourself.

Why did you start CSF?

I had a need in my own life: wishing to connect and find genuine community, making a big city feel like ‘home,’ and needing to find some semblance of work-life “balance.” Consistently my answer to ‘how are you?’ was ‘oh you know, good, just busy.’

I realized many other people’s answers were also “busy” followed by a soft sigh. When did busy become the norm or something to be proud of, or a marker of “doing well” or of “success”? I needed to shift my priorities to include more space, more joy, more do-ing, and less overwhelm... and I knew that I wasn’t the only one who felt this way!

Why should I give CSF a chance?

Do you ever find yourself:
  • Craving more time and freedom to create, get inspired, and make?
  • Working for the weekend?
  • Scrolling through Instagram looking at other people’s lives and thinking “Wow, must be nice…!”?
  • Wishing you could be more ‘present’ or have more peace?
  • Claiming that THIS is the year you invest in yourself?
Then why wouldn’t you spend $15-35 / month for the opportunity to change your life? Prioritizing yourself and the nourishment of your life is worth more than the price of a few lattes.