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Our members are women ages 21-39. We would love to be able to serve all ages, but as a small company we're starting with what we know and we want to foster community among women who are in similar life stages.

Your membership and billing cycle begin on the day you sign up for membership and will renew each month on that day.

Meetups are posted by other members. CSF makes no guarantee as to how many Meetups will be posted each month and this number could very depending on season, time of year, etc. Since you're curious...we recommend YOU post one! Email us at contact@circlesevenfive.com or DM us on Instagram and we can brainstorm ideas with ya! :)

Sniff sniff... our least favorite question. We hope you don't have to cancel, but if you do its super easy to cancel your account at any time - you just email us and we'll take care of it.

We do not offer refunds on membership dues. Just like video streaming services and gym memberships. We hope this makes sense.

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