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Our members are women ages 21-39. We would love to be able to serve all ages, but as a small company we're starting with what we know and we want to foster community among women who are in similar life stages.

You can always upgrade or downgrade at any time, so you have true flexibility over how you want to use your membership. Upgrades happen immediately and are prorated against your current billing cycle. Downgrades happen at the end of your current billing cycle, so you will get full use out the higher level you paid for before before you switch.

Pink, Navy, and Gold memberships all have the options of being billed monthly or annually. Pink members have quarterly member periods, Navy and Gold members have monthly member periods. Right now, the only difference in membership levels are the amount of tickets per member period. All three plans grant full access to Happies. Pick the plan that fits best how you want to use Circle Seven Five to invest in YOU. This looks different for everyone, so we have 3 options available to pick from when you sign up.

Your first member period will begin on the day that you join. It is normal to not use all your event tickets each member period, and sometimes you'll want more access than what comes with your membership, so you can purchase extra tickets a la carte --that's the beauty of having true control. We put new events up on the site every week, so it doesn't matter what day of the month you sign up.

Sometimes you don't go to the gym even though you have a gym membership. And sometimes you go on the reg. We're kind of like your gym membership (but WAY more fun than the treadmill). We value flexibility and nothing is mandatory.

Nope! We love that you love CSF. There are a few ways you can get a lot more than you pay for.
How do you do this?

Freebie Events: sometimes the stars align and we'll mark an event as a 'freebie' - this is a 'freebie' event that doesn't use one your tickets. PRAISE!!

A La Carte: you can purchase extra tickets for $10 any time on any membership level. This is a great way to make sure you'll never miss something you love. Purchasing a ticket a la carte for an event you want to go to can make a lot more financial sense than upgrading to a higher membership level.

Bonus Events: a $10 credit that lets you go to additional events for free. Refer a friend to sign up and you both get a bonus event. These don't expire.

Hosting: be a hostess with us and you'll attend the event your hosting as a 'freebie' (duh) and you also get a bonus event as a 'thank you.' We help you out so that it's super easy to be a hostess, is a ton of fun, and a great way to meet members with similar interests or who have something in common with you right off the bat!

Nope. Majority of our events are FREE to go to and are simply included with your membership dues. If we do have a ticket price on an event, that is because whoever we're partnering with is providing something amazing, and its definitely going to be a WAY better deal than if you did it on your own and paid retail value. We're talking $80 macaron baking workshops for $20 and $25 fitness classes for $5 with free juices and water bottles included. Its a steal, we promise.

We put up new events almost every week, so there is always something to look forward to. A good rule of thumb: events are put up at least two weeks prior to their date, giving you enough time to add them to your schedule and close enough to the event date so you can have a good idea of what you can commit to. We keep members in the loop with weekly emails.

YA GIRL! Invite everybody you know! When you invite a friend who signs up, YOU and YOUR FRIEND get a bonus event - that's a $10 credit that let's you go to an additional event for FREE next time you see something you just can't miss if you've already used up your events.

Sniff sniff... our least favorite question. We hope you don't have to cancel, but if you do its super easy to cancel your account at any time - you just email us and we'll take care of it.

We do not offer refunds on membership dues. Just like video streaming services and gym memberships. We hope this makes sense.

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